³He is an IP of my own, concentrated mostly on the life of a space janitor in a spaceport in orbit at an Helium-3 mining colony.





Here’s how i’m currently working on it, and the full gallery

Started work on a storyboard, first draft.


When i’m content with a still, it is taken to a higher level of detail to explore different sections of the IP as i go. Examples:


Modeling setpieces.2017-03-26 13_46_42-Autodesk Maya 2017_ B___3He_Building Blocks_3D_BuildingBlocks.mb_Making them into prefabs in Unreal Engine.2017-03-29 11_02_28-Helium3 - Unreal Editor2017-03-29 11_03_33-Helium3 - Unreal Editor.pngAssembling the prefabs into a usable environment. I’ll be drawing over these to decide what i need to change/add.2017-03-30 12_48_36-Engine Overpaints.psd @ 28.3% (Layer 7, RGB_8#) _2017-03-30 12_48_53-Engine Overpaints.psd @ 28.3% (Layer 7, RGB_8#) _2017-03-30 12_49_07-Engine Overpaints.psd @ 28.3% (Layer 7, RGB_8#) _

Using these screenshots i’m doing paintovers:
And from feedback off that i’ll detail some more things in Sketchup.
2017-04-12 11_35_25-PhotosNext to that i’ve also begun work on the space stations and spaceships. very much in the conceptual phase but i’ll post detailed versions later.
Example of AO render being used as underlay for pen drawing to quickly visualise a concept:0-10

Previous image was not rendered yet, but here is an example on how i would treat such a prop.PlasmacannonRenderOlder concept of a spacestation.spaceport-3

More work soon!