Concept designer in love with games and film. I’d love to work with another great team on a cool project, and to see more of this world. Currently i am working as a freelancer for multiple industries, but my heart lies with games and film. If you might be considering hiring me, you can always send  an e-mail to:

Previously I’ve worked with Sony Guerrilla Games on Horizon: Zero Dawn. They gave me a chance to work with them during my internship period, and have learned a lot from that great team. The internships were about a year in total time, and besides my internship i’ve worked for a while with them around the summer.

In my free time, i love to work on my own project called ³He. I am currenly doing that by myself, but always love an honest opinion. In the Menu bar you can see an entry about it, which should take you straight there!

If you have any questions, you can always send me an e-mail or message me on social media.


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