Feedback loops and iterative work

After spending some time at Guerrilla again, it had come to my attention i hadn’t posted (or made) an image in a very long while. why was this? it was never done, i wanted to revise the design etc.

What they helped me see was that concept art isn’t just about the marketing image or something like that, it’s about problem solving, going through the feedback loops and at the end have a design that works because it has been seen by many people who might spot something you didn’t.

I’ve started to work on a new version of Helium-3, which abandons the concept of gravity on a space station. Tom Kolbeek ( asked me why i had this magic gravity generator, and he was absolutely right. The idea of it is ridiculous, and it will be much more interesting if it wasn’t there. That is also one of the reasons i’ll be posting more.

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